Copa Confederaciones 2013: vendidas el 71,2% de las entradas

Arena da Baixada en Curitiba. Foto: Portal da Copa

If you plan to go to the 2013 Brazil Confederations Cup, hurry up. The term to buy tickets ends on May 15 and 71.2% of the tickets have already been sold (588,178). The vast majority have been bought by Brazilians, who have reserved 97% of the places for the entire tournament. The rest can still be purchased via the FIFA website

The objective of the organization is to sell more than 83% of the tickets, a record registered in Germany in 2005 for this competition. At the moment, the match for which there have been the most requests is Mexico-Italy with 63,384 tickets sold. The final follows with 60,744. Obviously for this game the classified teams are not yet known. What is certain is that it will be played at the flamenco Maracana in Rio de Janeiro  on June 30.

Those who have already purchased tickets can pick them up from May 29 at one of the six centers that FIFA has set up for this purpose. The offices will be open between 9:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Sunday.

At the moment, these are the amounts of tickets sold for each match of the 2013 Confederations Cup:

Opening match in Brasília (Brazil-Japão) – 57,854
Match 2 in Rio de Janeiro (Mexico-Italy) – 63,384
Match 3 in Recife (Spain-Uruguay) – 34,356
Match 4 in Belo Horizonte (Taiti-Nigeria) – 10,029
Match 5 in Fortaleza (Brazil-Mexico) – 47,485
Match 6 in Recife (Italy-Japan) – 27,125
Match 7 in Rio de Janeiro (Spain-Taiti) – 49,432
Match 8 in Salvador (Nigeria-Uruguai) – 22,682
Match 9 in Salvador (Italy) -Brazil) – 41,407
Match 10 in Belo Horizonte (Japan-Mexico) – 26,291
Match 11 in Fortaleza (Nigeria-Spain) – 32,672
Match 12 in Recife (Uruguay-Taiti) – 15,970
Semifinal in Belo Horizonte – 44,460
Semifinal in Fortaleza – 31,607
3rd place decision in Salvador – 22,680
Final in Rio de Janeiro – 60,744

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